Starting the daunting task of cleaning up….

With Christmas over and our move North approaching, I decided to look at our collection of kids clothing! My daughter is 2 and my son is 10 months, and we have saved every article of clothing they have outgrown since they came into this world! I spent the last few days sorting through all this. I organized everything by size. There is over 350 outfits that they have outgrown! About 30 or more per size! I was overwhelmed! And the shoes!! OMG! So I took some pictures and listed everything on Craigslist in hopes of making a few bucks off thousands of dollars of clothing that has hardly been worn! It really hard deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. I could remember the day they wore every outfit! The next task at hand will be my own closet! See, I have been pregnant for the better part of two years! After the birth of my son I joined the local Stroller Strides, a total body workout for mommies with their babies! And I joined Weight Watchers. I must say in the past few months I have lost 25 pounds and can now wear everything in my closet! I set 2 weight goals and have met them both! I now go to Stroller Strides everyday with my kids! Unfortunately there is no Stroller Strides in New York…..maybe I should start one! ;0 Well, my second blog entry down….let’s see if I can keep this up!!

2 thoughts on “Starting the daunting task of cleaning up….

  1. I think starting your own local Stroller-Strides would be a -great- way to get to know your neighbours and neighbourhood!The internet and some flyer-ads in the local shops/schools is a great way to get free 'advertising' and it will help you and the kiddos make the transition into your new surrounds faster and easier as you start to form relationships almost straight away.I'm rooting for you! 😀


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