A bit about my online store, Busy Bee Baby Basics

Last year I decided I wanted to start my own business, so with the help of my husband and support of my family, I took the plunge! I can’t say it’s been super successful…but I did start out without any small business loans, or in any debt. I didn’t have a lot of money to put into my business so I have mainly relied on a tight budget and supplies from my mom!

I called my business Busy Bee Baby Basics, and decided because of my love and obsession with everything baby, I’d make baby (and mommy) items! So I am now making burp cloths, art smocks, floor cushion, nursing covers and blankets! I love every minute of it! Most items are made to order, which gives the customer to freedom to customize with fabrics, colors and monogramming!

Burp cloths are made from flannel and are a unique bone shape, which stays put on your shoulder better than a cloth diaper! I have many burp cloths and have tried many burp cloths! These are soft and easy! I use them myself!

My daughter, Sibylla has quite a collection of Art Smocks! She uses them when she eats, plays and paints! They are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe as well! They are easy to wear, and have two ties in the back. They have a huge front pocket, where Sibylla likes to stash her crayons and a snack or two! And the colors are so much fun! I’ve made her Holiday ones as well! They spice up her outfits while protecting them!

I also make Nursing covers for mommy, which have 12 inches of boning in the top so you can peek in at your nursing baby, and an adjustable strap! I use mine everywhere! It makes nursing so easy and modest, and helps keep my son from being so distracted if we are in the mall or restaurant!

Floor cushions are a big hit with peeps big and small! They are a round 22″ cushion with a removable fleece cover that can be monogrammed! The best part is they have fun fringe around the edge! Babies love the fringe and kids of all ages love the cushion to jump on or lounge on!

There are also knit baby hats available in cute prints, hair bows, lavender infused heating pads and soft minky dot and flannel blankets! And as I said before all items can be monogrammed to make it your own!

The best part of my online store is the feedback I receive from happy customers about my products! I’m so glad everyone is so pleased! Each product feels like a work of art! I make them with as much love and care as I would if I was making it for myself!

So go take a peek! I’m currently working on a big clearance sale on every item “in-stock”!! To make some room for some new, fun fabrics!!

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