Family…You Gota Love Them!

So my in-laws are here in Charleston for New Years! My sister-in-law drove up from St. Augustine, FL and my mother-in-law drove down from Dewey Beach, DE. Everyone was here for lunch yesterday, so we decided to walk to Los Archos, which is right around the corner from our house! Lunch was wonderful and Sibylla actually ate a lot of food, which is unusual for her lately! Unfortunately, while everyone was attempting to talk over each other, Sibylla got to wiggling and fell out of her booster seat to the floor! Well of course she began to cry, to I picked her up and brought her to the lobby area, where the host produced a lollipop….and boom! Just as fast as it happened it was all forgotten!! But little did we know, this was only the beginning of our adventure of the day!

We decided to drive the kids around to Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms to get them to sleep…it worked! When we got back to our house the wine was flowing! My husband and I decided this was a great time to run errands and pick something up for lunch, while the children were sleeping! When we returned everyone was awake and it was time to open presents….and the wine still flowed!! And oh, how time flies when you are chatting and enjoying a glass of wine! Before we knew it it was about 9pm! Everyone decided it was time to head back to their hotel. Well, here is where the adventure took a crazy turn…My mother-in-law, who rarely drinks, but had been all day, staggers to the door, wine glass in hand….but can’t find her keys! We search the house and find them….attempt two, to the door, wine glass in hand….can’t find the dog! So we search for the dog. Ok, now she’s really leaving…..but at this point my husband and I are questioning her ability to drive, so he runs out into the driveway (in his pj’s) and starts flagging down his sister to wait….his sister, paying attention to him, and not behind her, backs into the neighbors mailbox! My mom-in-law is outside, wandering around with her wine glass, the dog is still inside, and my kids are wondering what is going on! Needless to say, my sister-in-law drove  her mother home and everyone was safe and sound! The dog made it home and the wine glass was left behind!

Ah, family! You gotta love them!
Happy New Year!

One thought on “Family…You Gota Love Them!

  1. Never a dull moment in the Pawlowski household, is there? Great job on the blog!I'm glad to see that your family is as insane as mine has been lately. It helps me just to laugh through it all seeing how wine is not a huge option these days….but soon!!!I miss you!!!hugs-holly


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