Orders are in Hand….

Alexei just emailed to to let me know he has his orders in hand! He is currently setting up our move! We are heading out early next month to Saratoga Springs, NY. He has accepted the position of XO of the Prototype School up there. Big career move! For both of us, that means closer to both our families. (7 hours compared to the current 22 hours for my parents). As I mentioned in earlier posts, I have sorted out the kids’ clothes, we sold our kayaks and our bowflex, now we just need to sort through other things…and the pantry! The Navy moves us. They hire movers to come in, pack our entire house up and load it onto a truck. We meet the truck at our next destination.

The first time we moved it was a cold -7 degree day in Maine. We had a new baby (Sibylla was just 6 weeks old), and the plan at the time was to put our belongings into storage and live with Alexei’s mom until our house sold! Needless to say, 2008 did not start out with a bang! We eventually sold that house, and decided to rent a house in Annapolis, MD. Then Alexei got orders down here! We were packed up again and moved to Mount Pleasant, SC, after being in the DC area for a total of 10 months! We have been in SC for just over a year, and we will soon await the day the truck shows up and again loads us up for the 15 hour trip north!

The hardest part is finding a place to live! We had a place all picked out down here, but it fell through, so Alexei came down by himself one weekend and found our current house! This time that is not an option! We just don’t have enough time! So I guess we either move into a place sight unseen or live out of a hotel room for a few days while we look! I guess it could be worse!

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