Thank goodness for washable Crayola…..

My husband was great enough to come home at lunch so I could go to karate. I need all the practice I can get since I am testing for my next belt Saturday….but that is another story!

My husband had an hour of quality time with our two little ones. When I got home I was greeted by a little girl with a blue and orange face, a blue leather couch, and blue shutters in the playroom (which is just the dining room we emptied and filled with toys).

“What happened here?”
“Well”, he explained, “Sibylla wanted the caps off her markers, so I took them off.”
Unknown to him she was coloring everything in sight, including her brother! ( He has blue ears!)

Oh, well, nothing a wet paper towel can’t fix! The markers cleaned up off everything they touched! Easy peasy! Thank you Crayola!!

Now I just need to catch her to wash her face!! She is quite the little artist and she will spend hours at her little table coloring in her coloring books! She is ONLY allowed to have WASHABLE crayons, markers and paints!

Crayola makes and entire line of non-toxic and washable products! From Crayons, and Markers to Finger Paints! And if you really don’t want to clean up ANY mess try the Color Wonder line from Crayola! There are pencils and markers and finger paints, again all non-toxic, and the best part is they only color on the special paper! That’s right…no more blue couch or brothers!


 I guess being an artist doesn’t have to be messy after all!!  đŸ˜‰

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