First Steps

Your child’s first steps are always an amazing time! I remember when my daughter, Sibylla took her first steps. She did this just a few days before her 10 month birthday! I was amazed! By the time we moved to South Carolina she was walking everywhere! I remember that Halloween she was greeting the kids at the door! Well, now she can run and climb and it is her brother’s turn for his first steps!

Vasili is 10 months old, and while I was hanging out and playing wth them last night, my little man started fussing. I asked him what was wrong, and he stood up, on his own and took two steps toward me! Again I was amazed! He would not show off his skills for my husband last night, but he has been practicing today with his sister!

I’m sure by the time we are ready to leave South Carolina in a few weeks, Vasili will be walking everywhere! This is a new challenge, not only for him, but for me too! Now I’ll literally be chasing two little ones! Now the real fun begins!

Watch out world, Vasili, at 10 months old, is walking! 🙂

2 thoughts on “First Steps

  1. I lucked out and was very impressed with this posting. The cuteness factor of these kids is way way up there. I didn't watch the video, but might do that next time. Your top photo is especially great. What a great expression.


  2. Your babies are ADORABLE! I love little boys. I have two little ones of my own that keep me very busy! But the pick of Sibylla is wicked! She looks like she could give you a run for your money.Stopped in from CCM!xxCristina


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