The search is over!

My husband and I decided to take advantage of the long weekend and go house hunting in Saratoga Springs, NY. We thought it was going to be a hectic trip with two small children 25 months and 10 months, but then my parents volunteered to fly down. We just happened to have two round trip tickets we received from Airtran for a canceled flight. My mom had one and I had one. It says “non-transferable” but my mother took a chance and called AirTran…and they said “yes”, they would transfer my ticket to my dad!! The unfortunate part is that my parents had to fly into Charlotte, NC because AirTran left Charleston. No problem. We drove with the wee ones non-stop the 3 hours to Charlotte to pick up my parents. We drove in two separate cars so that Alexei and I could continue on our 13 hour trip to New York! We arrived in Saratoga Springs at about 1:00 am Friday morning.

As usual I was up at 6:00am, despite going to bed just a few short hours earlier! My husband and I headed out start the tedious task of looking at the 15 list of houses! We had a showing at 9:30 in Ballston Spa. The house was kind of different looking on the outside, but when we walked in we knew it was the one. We really need a lot of space and this house has it!! It was perfect. We hooked up with a realtor for the next few showings…yeah, not so nice. By lunch time we had made a decision. We liked the first one. It is very close to my husband’s work, spacious and in a great area….close to playgrounds and town.

Well, with that done, we spent the rest of the day exploring. We drove from our future home to my husband’s work. We walked around town and had lunch and took a tour of the local YMCA. Today we are going to explore Saratoga Springs and take a trip to a Karate Dojo over in Western Mass.

My parents seem to be surviving. The first night Vasili kept them awake all night, but last night they snuggled with him and he slept most of the night! We co-sleep with him, so it is hard for him to adjust to being put in his pack and play for the weekend. It’ll be god for him, though. He’ll have his own room and we’ll get him a crib when we get to New York.

So we are off exploring today! New areas are always exciting!!

3 thoughts on “The search is over!

  1. Ooo your home is beautiful! and upstate new york is gorgeous anytime of the year. We are in the city but have a small house on the border of upstate nj and ny. Your family is lovely! Good Luck with your move!Found you on my chickchick thingy:)


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