Visiting Maine…..a baby is born!

The kids and I hopped on a plane Tuesday with my parents and flew to Maine. It was a last minute trip. My BFF called to let me know she was going to be induced, and while I had planned to visit in a few months, my parents and I decided to surprise her! Although I did not go to the hospital, and have not visited with her yet, I did let her know I was in the state, and cheered her on through labor with a few lighthearted texts!

I’m not exactly an expert in the child department, but I do have two of my own, and I know how scary it was when the doc told me I was going to be induced! Especially with the first. My heart raced and all I could think of was if I was ready. I was scared because I did not know what to expect. We checked into the hospital that cold morning in November 2007. Alexei had a bunch of gear with us, a laptop to watch movies, an iPod with a labor mix and then the usual stuff you pack to have a baby in the hospital! I can remember sitting in that chilly room waiting…..what was going to happen??

Now with Sibylla, my water broke while shopping the day before she was born. I had no contractions, and in fact, my husband told me I probably just peed my pants! We did go to the hospital that day, but the test was inconclusive, so we were sent home! The next morning I went to the doctor’s office…..and that is when they told me….”you need to check in, you are going to be induced!” And there it was….I was trying to remember my birthing class, and what went on with an induction, but my mind went blank! My husband on the other hand, remembered everything! It was an eventful afternoon…my favorite part was hearing the nurses tell about a crazy woman who was banging on the locked doors of the maternity ward (my MIL).

I (or Alexei, rather) called everyone! My parents were just 3 hours away, my MIL got on a plane and flew up from DC and my dear friend Holly drove up from Boston!

So now it is her turn! I jumped on a plane and flew 12 hours with two children to see her and her new baby girl Olivia Reese! I can’t wait! I’ve seen pictures…and she’s a cutie!!

One thought on “Visiting Maine…..a baby is born!

  1. You came to Maine! You should have called! I would have driven up and met you! I got the text from Holly! Such a cute name and with a mom like Holly, she's going be a beautiful girl!


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