Boxes, boxes everywhere!!

Well, the time has come for our BIG move from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina to Ballston Spa, New York! The movers arrived yesterday and within 3 hours nearly had us all packed up! This move I do not have my children here to worry about or entertain! It’s kind of boring watching the packers wrap everything in tons of paper and stuff it in a box! I answered a few questions, but mostly sat in the corner munching m&m’s….and missed my kids! šŸ™‚

Today is a new day! We are completely surrounded by boxes!! We have been able to sleep one last night in our bed….tonight it’s the air bed! Tomorrow the cleaner will come and clean up and then we’ll be on our way!! Good bye South Carolina….hello New York! I sure am going to miss Mount Pleasant….it is very pleasant there! I’m really going to miss my friends! I didn’t have time in Annapolis to make friends….but here I did! We all attended Stroller Strides together!! Let me tell you, if you are a mom, or mom to be, look for a local Stroller Strides….it is fun, fitness and friends all rolled into one!! But that is a story for later…

My husband and I have taken advantage of being with out our little ones, we went to the movies last night, ate dinner at a bar…drank beer….all the usual stuff we did before we had kids! It’s not as much fun, though! All we talked about was Sibylla and Vasili! It’s amazing what happens to you when you become a parent!

Also yesterday I received a $100 gift card from KMart! I won it in a Holiday Sweepstake that I randomly signed up for! My husband and I pondered what to do with it….it was good at Sears, too! We decided to go to the local KMart….he want a Wii and I wanted a crib for Vasili! Luckily they were fresh out of Wii…but they did have a deal on Delta cribs… one and get a free mattress! Yup, we came home with one!

So overall the day went well….we will see what today brings us! I hear the truck now!!

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