Got Snow??

Well, well….can we say snow?
They were NOT kidding when they (the meteorologists) said snow! Wow! Alexei and I actually left Charleston yesterday afternoon after finishing the cleaning, and double checking and good-byes! We sat in traffic for 45 minutes before we could actually “drive”. Seems like rain effects Charleston like snow effects Virginia! Last night we made it as far as Florence, SC before I had to give up. I just cannot see well in the dark or rain. We were up by 6am and on the road, though…only to be struck down again, this time by the snow!

We hit snow just south of the Virginia border, but we pressed on. The roads were clear until we hit Richmond, Virginia. Once in Richmond the 3 lane interstate became nothing but a goat path! I had a very close call with a Range Rover before I called Alexei to tell him I’d had enough! He agreed and luckily we found a Springhill Suites nearby! That was just after 12noon! We ended up spending a good part of the afternoon in a restaurant/bar across the street! I figured since it was the first time in two years that I wasn’t either pregnant or nursing, I’d have a couple beers! We had a great lunch, a beer, and threw a few snowballs at each other! We then decided to head back to the hotel and catch up on the Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice episodes we have missed! I know we are such saps!

We plan to hit the hay early in order to get up early! We don’t have our little alarm with us (Sibylla, who likes to wake up and watch the sun rise) so we have to rely on our cell phones! Hope fully tomorrow the roads will be better! We talked to our truck driver, who was having the same problem as us. Looks like our house will be delayed a day! It doesn’t matter as long as everyone arrives safe!!

Well, once we get settled I promise to write about something exciting!!

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