Well we are FINALLY unpacked and settled into our new location in Ballston Spa, New York! It was one heck of a journey, though!! We started out Friday afternoon and didn’t get here until late Sunday night! Our 15 hour drive turned into 3 days of grueling, icy, messy, snowy, bumpy traveling! We came through DC the day after the first snowstorm, only to discover that they do not plow the roads, they merely salt the roads! That turns the roads into a very bumpy, slushy mess! It took us 5 hours to travel from Richmond, VA to Laurel, MD. I nearly was run off the road by a tractor trailer truck in Laurel, so we decided to pull off, only to discover that Alexei’s $3000 road bike and the Thule hitch was missing! The hitch sheared off over the bumpy mess and was spotted in a snowbank near the exit we were at, unable to be retrieved by us or the State Police! After waiting at the rest stop for 3 hours for the State Police, we decided to leave the bike! It nearly broke my heart!! But on we pushed! We ran into better roads in Baltimore and finally arrived in Ballston Spa around 9pm! Yes, it was Superbowl Sunday and yes, we did miss the SuperBowl! Oh, well, there is always next year….if we are not moving, again!!

Welcome to the Village of friends!
On another note, Ballston Spa means Village of Friends. Monday, on our way back from grabbing something quick at McDonald’s, we were on our way home when I decided to glance to my right, and there stood a man with his front door wide open totally naked! Oh, my!

Our house is kind of funky on the outside, but is just enough room on the inside for us and the kids! My husband has his own office, I have a craft room, and the kids’ have a playroom! The backyard backs up to the woods and there are swings across the street! Perfect!! We are all signed up at the YMCA and I just found out that there is a Stroller Strides coming to town!!

Looks like things are coming together!

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