Sleep….or lack of it!

If you are a mom, you know about sleep…how precious it is, and how little of it there is! It doesn’t matter how old your children are, it seems like you always lose sleep over them!

I remember the first nights home with my children! What nightmares! I had NO idea what to expect with Sibylla, but was able to prepare myself better with Vasili!

I use whatever tricks I can so that I can get some much needed sleep! If they will only sleep in my bed, then that is where they sleep, despite the criticism and advise against it!

Moving also disturbs kids’ sleep cycles, or at least it does with my kids! The first time we moved, Sibylla was only 6 weeks old, so I don’t think it phased her much! But the second time did! We just got her to sleep by herself through the night when we moved to Charleston! We started all over again! This time, she and Vasili were at my parents’ house in Maine! My parents are troopers! At 61 and 69 they survived nearly two weeks of two little kids full of energy and waking every two hours!

When the kids finally arrived here, the excitement of a bigger, different house, had tired them out! Vasili slept through the night, while Sibylla woke at midnight. Alexei tucked her in with us, and she easily drifted back to sleep.

The next night, I decided to turn on her “Soothing Sounds” machine. She could listen to crickets all night instead of the strange noises of the house! It worked…well for two nights, anyway! Vasili on the other hand, he decided that at midnight he’d wake up and scream! Which sent us scrambling because his screams could be heard all over the house and we were afraid he’d wake his sister!

So all this week this has been our routine, Sibylla sleeping through the night listening to crickets and Vasili screaming at midnight and sucking down two bottles of milk before falling back to sleep! Until last night! Last night I woke up to a thud….and then some crying. Sibylla had somehow rolled out of her bed, which is nearly impossible given the way we have set it up! Then her shrills woke Vasili!

Well, there went our night of sleep! It took a while to calm Sibylla and convince her to go back to bed….and then there was Vasili….needless to say there is never a dull moment here! 🙂

Loving every minute….

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