Staying warm in New York

The kids and I have been laying low and close to home this week. I stll don’t know my way around Saratoga or Ballston Spa very well! I DO know where the mall is, but every time I try to drive there the kids fall asleep! I always feel guilty and head back home to put them to bed rather than shop! Although it would probably be easier just to stick them in the stroller than trying to get two sleeping kids into the house and up to their beds! 🙂

We have been having fun regardless! The kids have a big room with all their toys, and we have a family room where the TV is. We watch “Your Baby Can Read” videos first thing and then play all day long! Yesterday I got my camera out…..boy was I the hero for a few minutes!! My kids sure like having their pictures taken! And they like looking at them on the camera even better!!

So on this chilly, gloomy day in upstate New York, I thought I’d share some fun pictures of the kids!!

Loving every minute…

One thought on “Staying warm in New York

  1. awwww!! they are so adorable!!! I can only imagine how cold it is upstate NY, its still freezing down here in NYC. Hope you guys have a great weekend!


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