Vasili’s 1st Birthday Party

We had the pleasure of celebrating my son’s first birthday over the weekend with both sets of parents! I will admit that having four extra adults in my house was a bit overwhelming at times (especially the more “needy” ones). The kids were completely off their sleep and bath schedules, but they made it through the weekend fairly well. I think mommy and daddy were the hardest hit! We are both exhausted today! Phew!

We celebrated Vasili’s birthday Saturday. His actual birthday was Friday. Saturday we started off with a big breakfast at home and then we all hit the road for Clifton Park for pictures! As soon as we got on the road, though, both kids fell asleep! The portrait studio was nice enough to let us wander the store hoping the would wake up. When they didn’t we did the BIG “no-no”, woke two sleeping babies! We got lucky, though, we made it through a sitting of Vasili and daddy; Vasili and Sibylla and the three of them before anyone started to melt down!

The party was last night! I made cupcakes (chocolate of course) and we had a few decorations. We made sure Sibylla had a few gifts to unwrap so she didn’t feel left out! Vasili was quickly overwhelmed by the pictures and gifts and balloons! When he unwrapped his “Band in a Box” by Melissa and Doug, we decided it was time to take a break and “jam out”! Oh what fun! The entire family started playing the little instruments and singing and being silly! Needless to say we had a grand time!

It was really nice to have everyone over to celebrate the Little Man’s first birthday! We all had such a great time! The grandparents braved the snow and a 7 hour drive to celebrate Vasili’s special day with us!

Now it’s back to our little routine!

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