A bottle brush that actually works!!

Not only do I have two in diapers, I have two little ones who suck down several bottles of milk each a day! Yes, I am one of THOSE people you see at the grocery store buying two, yes TWO gallons of milk! It barely lasts a week! LOL With all that milk comes tons of dirty bottles! Yes, even my two year old gets a bottle before bed! I recently broke my bottle brush! Ugh. They are cheap. They never last very long, and never work well. Yesterday while I was out I took a chance on a bottle/nipple brush combo at Babies R Us. It had a sponge end, not a wiry end like most, and the nipple brush was actually shaped like a bottle nipple! So I paid the $10.99 for the set and took it home….I was pleasantly surprised! The nipple brush fits PERFECTLY in a bottle nipple and cleans it in one twist! The bottle brush is really cool. It has a curved handle and you insert the sponge end into the bottle and twist the handle like a crank! It does the work for you!! My bottles have never been so clean! They don’t even get this clean in the dishwasher!

So now you are probably wondering who makes such a thing, right? It’s by Born Free! I even tried it in bottles and nipples of another brand and it worked great! I’m so happy with my splurge!

It’s amazing the simple things that make me happy as a mother! LOL

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