Making a list…

You know the routine….a grocery list, a “to do” list, etc. Well, I need a list to remember my lists! I have notes everywhere just to remember things and my iPhone beeps with appointments, yet I always seem to forget something, someone, or seem in utter disarray!!

I know what you are thinking, with my two kids it is hard to get ANYTHING done! That is true! I spend my days with one throwing things at me and the other with a death grip around my leg! Ah! The joy of motherhood!

I have decided to utilize the calender on my computer and sync it with my phone to keep me organized….but how will I ever remember to add all this information to my phone or computer? And my two little helpers love to attack my computer if it is left unattended for even a second! It took me a day to figure out how to get my settings back from the last attack! LOL

I must admit, I am more organized than others (sorry Alexei) but not the way I want to be! Well, at least I can get my kids out the door to an appointment without forgetting anything important….like a kid!

My craft room is finally organized, and I even labeled all the containers, drawers and shelves so I know where I hid everything! (Once again, my little helpers helped to “organize”)

So in addition to the notes on the fridge, the iPhone, and computer, I bought an eraser board for the kitchen and write everything on it! LOL

Oh, well. I guess the most important part of my day doesn’t need to be on my calender! It’s the fun I have playing with my kids! It’s the MOST important thing on my list!

Being in disarray is worth being home with them!

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