A Mom’s Night Out

Every now and then even I need a break from my kids! SO the other night (Sunday) I got my wish! A night out with some other moms who desperately needed a break, too! The evening started at TGI Friday’s….my favorite spot (especially since I get 50% Military discount!). We had drinks and dinner and then headed to the movies to see “Alice in Wonderland”!

There were warnings that this show could be sold out, since it was opening weekend, so we bought our tickets online. When we arrived at the theater we were the only ones there! Just our group of 12 moms! It was probably a good thing because we were having a really good time! LOL

I loved the movie…it IS all it is cracked up to be! I can’t wait to see it in 3D! Johnny Depp was wonderful as the Hatter! There was action for the guys, and a fairy tail for the girls! It made me want to go home and read the book again, since I cannot remember much of it from my childhood! LOL

When I finally arrived home, the Hubs had the children in bed, sound asleep! Not bad! And to top it all off they BOTH slept through the night!

I wish they would do that EVERY night! LOL

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