You know you’ve moved a lot when….

Sounds like the start of a joke! LOL But I did just realize HOW much I’ve moved since that cold (7 below zero) January day in 2008! Well, I have a Maine driver’s license, South Carolina tags, and Maryland cell phone number! If that alone tells you anything!

My travels started when Sibylla was a mere 6 weeks old! Alexei had orders to the Pentagon! Ooo…ahhh…sounds really important, huh? Yeah. Right. We headed out in January of 2008…it was 7 degrees below zero in South Berwick Maine. There was a couple feet of snow. The “For Sale” sign on the house was buried in the snow….what a sad, sad day…But we were off on our first adventure together as a little family! Alexei and I had my car with Sibylla and my mom and dad were driving a U Haul truck and had our (former) dog. We were heading to Kensington, Maryland…and Alexei’s mom’s house! (No, I’m not going there:P) To make a long explanation short, we needed to live with her until our house sold because his BAH would not cover a mortgage and rent….not in that area! So we moved a few essentials into her house and lived there for about 5 months, while the rest of our household was in storage! While this seems like a great idea, it was tough. It’s tough not having “your” stuff. And I didn’t pack many clothes, simply because there was not room!

In May we found a house in Annapolis! Right behind the Navy football stadium! Woot! For a while Alexei drove my Xterra into the New Carolton metro station, but then my car decided that it’s life was up and quit! I guess 200,000 miles is a lot (although I drove a Maxima to 350,000). So we were down to one car…the Tribeca. Alexei didn’t want to leave me without a car all day so he dragged out his bike and decided to bike the 15 miles one way to the metro! Well, that was great! He was losing weight, I had the car….life was good! Then one Sunday we strolled to our neighbors’ house down the street and returned to no bike! NOT cool! Good ol’ USAA got a phone call, and a claim was filed. So I started driving Alexei to the metro stop. But one morning, I was too tired to. And I didn’t want to wake Sibylla up to bring him in! So he drove my car. That night I got a phone call…seems someone smashed the passenger side window and ran off with my GPS! Oh, REALLY not cool! Again, a call to the insurance! LOL Anyway, later that year Alexei called with news that he was thinking about taking another job….one in Charleston, South Carolina! A place I absolutely LOVE! So after just 10 months in Maryland, we were off on another adventure! This time further south!

Our house in Mount Pleasant (just outside Charleston) was a bit small….so we were snug, and expecting a son! But we were in Charleston…so we could survive a small house, right? Ugh. We celebrated Sibylla’s 1st birthday there, and both sets of grandparents came to stay with us! That is when we realized just how small our house was! 5 adults, one child, and 3 dogs….but we made it. The fun didn’t start until AFTER Vasili was born…..but that is another story!

So, we were living the dream, I took the kids to the Aquarium every week, went to Stroller Strides every day…..perfect. You can imagine how I felt when Alexei called to tell me he was going to be the XO of the NPTU Ballston Spa, New York! I think my exact words were “you’re kidding me, right?”! I had heard about New York…nobody like it there…it was cold, and snowy! I must say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised! We have a great house! It’s huge! There is room for us (and then some) and for a guest! For Vasili’s 1st birthday we had all the grandparents, again, (sans 2 dogs) and this time we were not tripping over each other, or furniture, or toys!! I’ve already met a great group of mommas through Toga Tots, and there is a Stroller Strides coming to town in May! We live across the street from a small playground! I guess I can deal! đŸ™‚ Spring is here and it is warming up! Things are looking up!!

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