Another Birthday

Today I am celebrating my 35th birthday! For once in my life it is not snowing or raining! I can usually count on snowfall or rainfall where ever I am! haha!

My dear husband surprised me with some great clothes and a new bathing suit! He knows that I can no longer where most of my clothes because of all the weight I lost! He had also planned to take me to dinner at the Local in Saratoga Springs and had a sitter all set up! Unfortunately, I was not feeling well. So we left the restaurant and went home….probably a good thing! I went down hill from there! Oh, boy!

But this morning I’m up and moving! I’m feeling better, and was trying to eat some toast, that is until Sibylla came along and claimed it as her own! haha!

Ah, well, I don’t mind. We are gong to take the kids to a giant indoor play area! It should be fun! They will be able to run off some steam! (I hope)

Overall, not matter what happens today, it’ll be a good day! 🙂

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