A Blogging Delinquent….

I’ve a little off my usual routine. I think I’ve been off it since we moved back in February. I haven’t been to the gym. I am waiting for the new Stroller Strides franchise to start…..but that is in May! It seems so far away! I’ve been off my breakfast routine of oatmeal and replacing it with other things, and lastly, I’ve been off my blogging routine. I think I’ve been off that since I switched from Blogspot to WordPress. I have a million excuses. Too many to list! But I’m starting to feel more energy as the weather warms up and the sun shines. My biggest excuse is going to be the long winter in the north! 🙂

My children and I have been enjoying the nice weather. It’s unusual to see 80 degrees in April! Yesterday was cooler and the kids did not know how to react to socks and long sleeved shirts! We have been outside everyday playing in their sandbox and blowing bubbles! This morning as we ate breakfast we watched 4 deer play on our back lawn! What a treat! I certainly hope the weather holds!

So today while I watch my children play and while I play with them I am brainstorming some new blog posts! Some new recipes, maybe some new products and giveaways and as always telling tales of our adventures!

Until then! Have a wonderful day!

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