Kids are so much fun!!

My two kids and I have been out enjoying the 80 degree April weather!! We’ve been on the back lawn playing all day! We’ve even broken out the “pool” with sprinklers! It has turned the backyard into a giant mud pit, but has been worth it! I attempted to take pictures of the kids….but for some reason Sibylla never wanted to face the camera, so what I got was what you see below!

So while I was chasing Sibylla around trying to get a good picture of her and in the meantime playing with some angles, I found Vasili like this:

I guess he got tired and went inside and curled up in his chair for a little nap!! 🙂

While he napped, Sibylla and I continued to play…she practiced her golf swing…rode her trike…and decided to dig a hole behind the garage! I’ve got to get a picture of that! She has quite a hole dug with her little plastic shovel!

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