The Trip to Boston

A little late, but here is our story…

Thursday night, as planned, we headed out to Boston. We left about 7pm, and arrived at about 10:30pm. We stopped in Clifton Park at Arizona Pizza for some dinner. We figured the kids would sleep better if their tummies were full…we were right! The trip was quiet and easy!

We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in Copley Square. We were upgraded to a suite with two queen beds. It was cozy. We had to unload the kids and the car on a very busy street, and it was raining! The kids woke up as soon as we got them out of the car and into the cold! But it was only for a few minutes. We got to our room and snuggled them in and they went back to sleep. Vasili was supposed to fast from 4:30am until his appointment at 10am. At 4am the alarm went off…Sibylla never moved, and neither did Vasili! We tried to wake him to feed him, but he was having no part of it! So we let him sleep. At 7:15am, Sibylla got out of bed and went to the window and opened the curtains! It was time to wake up! Vasili sat up, and we started giving him his water and apple juice. He then wandered into the bathroom, where my husband was taking a shower, and climbed, pj’s and all, into the shower with my husband! I fished him out and got his pj’s off him, but he didn’t want to go back in. So I decided to dress him and give him some more juice. He was in his Red Sox attire, and I put him in a chair with a juice box. I guess he liked his juice so much that he decided to take a bath in it! He was covered from head to toe in apple juice! Needless to say, it was into the bathtub for him and into some dry clothes! Great start!

Around 9am we decided to go downstairs and get directions to the hospital from our hotel and grab some breakfast for Sibylla. The gentleman at the front desk said he would not walk, it would take us 30 whole minutes! Oh, no! Not 30 minutes of walking! 🙂 We walked it. It was a nice walk despite the rain, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. They were in under the cover of their weathershield! They looked like two little kids in a bubble!

Once at the hospital, Alexei got directions to the cardiology department, while I watched for my parents. They had not arrived yet to take Sibylla! We decided to get Vasili all checked in. In the tiny elevator to the next level, down the winding hallways….only to find that Alexei had only paid attention to part of the directions! The building we were supposed to be in was Farley, we were headed to Fegan. He shrugged….they both start with an “f”! My parent were still not there!

Once in cardiology my parents called. The bus, of all days, was late! UGH. Vasili had just been called in, but Sibylla and I did not go. I knew she could not sit still through a two hour echo. We headed back to the main entrance. My parents called again. They were getting off the T at Longwood and wanted to know which way to go. I told them right, I didn’t know they were coming in from the other direction! Sibylla and I decided that maybe we should start down Longwood and hopefully run into them! We did! We went to the cafe and got something to eat. Shortly after that, Alexei called. He was going to join us in the cafe since Vasili was sedated and they were doing his echo. He was told to check back in about an hour.

After an hour we went to check on the little man, who was sound asleep. The nurse let him sleep the full two hours, so that he hopefully would not be as cranky. She had a hard time waking him up, but finally he opened his little eyes and looked around. The poor little guy still could not eat. He had to have juice, then milk and then eventually food! Well we made it through he hardest part. We met his cardiologist, and talked options. The cardiologist said the best time to do Vasili’s surgery would be next Spring. So we will return for a check up in the fall before baby #3 makes it’s appearance, and that is when we will schedule Vasili’s big day!

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