Stroller Strides

Ever since moving to Upstate New York I’ve been missing my daily routine of Stroller Strides. I went nearly every day in South Carolina, and lost all the weight I gained from my second child and then some! Don’t let the cute name fool you , though! This isn’t just a walk or stroll in the park! This is a full body workout using bands for strengthening, intervals of cardio, and a little yoga and pilates to restore your core and get your body back!

Well, imagine my excitement a few months back when I read that there was a Stroller Strides coming to Saratoga Springs, New York!! As soon as I saw the announcement I contacted the future franchise owner! We have met a few times and she has shared some of her ideas with me and asked about the classes I have attended. All I could tell her was how much I loved Stroller Strides! And how much it has done for me!

Now here we are just a couple of weeks from the Grand Opening!! I’m so excited! I certainly hope the weather cooperates with us! I’m ready to get back out there!

So Saratoga Springs….Stroller Strides is coming to town!! Come on out and join us!!

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