There are still polite people in the world!

After my experiences at the mall with rude people, I had just about given up on any polite people in New York!

I’ve been to the local mall about 4 times. They have a play area where I take my kids for some cheap entertainment in inclement weather. I have a Bob Dualie. It is a big double stroller. The kids sit side by side. Well, I have gotten pretty good at maneuvering the thing by myself through the doors! I simply press the “handicap” button and push them through when the door automatically opens! Easy peasey, right! Well, at that mall when a door opens it is like throwing $100 bills on the ground! Anyone nearby flocks to the door and one lady nearly killed herself getting ahead of me to get out that open door! UM, HELLO…BIG STROLLER HERE!! Do you really want to be run over? At first I was polite and let them pass….then I came to my senses! I’m the bigger one…and I am the one who needs assistance! Needless to say I no longer stop for pedestrians….watch out non stroller peeps…I have stroller-rage! 🙂

On my way into the mall this morning, a lady ahead of me opened the door for me! THERE ARE STILL POLITE PEOPLE OUT THERE…even in New York!!

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