PLEASE Don’t Leave Your Children Unattended in Your Car!

My husband and I have a sitter come to the house every Thursday night so we can have an hour or two of free time together….even if we do spend it grocery shopping! But tonight we ran to the store to get the sitter and our two children some milk. My husband ran into the store and left me in the car. I happened to look into the car next door to me and noticed a little girl, not much older than my daughter, left alone in the car! In fact, her parents had not come back by the time my husband came out of the store! I was shocked! Although, this is NOT the first time I witnessed this! Two weeks ago, in Glens Falls, someone left a sleeping infant in her car seat, with the windows down, while they ran into a store! I just cannot believe any parent would DARE do this! When we lived in Charleston there was an incident where a mom left her sleeping baby in the car while she ran into the Post Office! When she came out the baby was gone! Someone had been following her all day and took that opportunity to take her child! She was lucky, her child was found within hours! Thanks to Amber Alerts! But you may not be so lucky! Can you imagine how you would feel not knowing WHERE your child was? Or WHO your child was with? Or even IF your child was alive? I personally could not handle that! I do know that it is a pain to take two toddlers out of their car seats, especially if they are asleep! I know that lugging around that gigantic stroller in my car is no fun and takes up TONS of room! But man, my kids are worth it! They are worth ANYTHING! Life just would not be the same without them! So when I NEED to go out, whether to the store, park, where ever, my children always come with me, even if it is just for a few minutes! Just to run across the street and mail a letter!


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