Memorial Day

My husband was asked to be the Grand Marshall of the Ballston Spa Village Memorial Day Parade, which he accepted. He rode in the lead car, which was a 1956 Ford Thunderbird. Pretty cool, huh? He wore his white uniform, and waved as he passed the crowd. The crowd cheered. Alexei was a little taken aback and figured they were cheering on the car, but this is a big Navy town. They were cheering for the Navy….the military, and all they have done and sacrificed for our freedom.

Alexei also gave a speech.

His speech was at the Veterans Park in Ballston Spa, at a little ceremony. It was very moving and brought tears to my eyes as I reflected on what he was speaking about.

He started out talking about how people are always thanking him for his service, and his sacrifice. He doesn’t think he is one of the ones who should be thanked. So he gave six examples of exceptional heroes, who gave the ultimate sacrifice: their life.

As I thought about this, I realized that these six men were not famous. They were not in history books. They were probably men you see everyday. Men with families. Men with hobbies. Yet they made one unselfish move to save one of their own, which ended their own life.

I hope everyone remembered those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for us on Memorial Day. We would not have the freedoms we do today without them! And thank to those who are currently serving.

Fighting for our freedom.

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