Our trip to Maine

Our trip to Maine from New York was uneventful and not as exciting as my husband’s trip to Vienna and Prague, but still noteworthy!

My children travel well! One rode with Ga in his car and one rode with me! They watched DVDs the entire way and even napped! We only made a couple stops! One for gas and one for lunch!! Pretty good considering we were traveling with two small children, a preggie woman and a senior citizen! Haha!

We left Ballston Spa at 11 or so! A little later than we wanted to. We arrived at. The farm around 9 pm, but we stopped for a few groceries. Vasili eats a lot of fruit and gets cranky if he does not get fruit every day!

Ore drive took us across Vermont, past Killington. And through NH past Tuckerman’s and Mount Washington! Very cool thus time of year! We also passed the Old Man of the Valley….I am wondering if this is the former Old Man of the Mountain…since he fell off the mountain and now lies in the valley! Amusing.

So here we are…in Maine enjoying the hot, humid weather by spending our days in the pool!

Life is good!

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