As I write this I am sitting at the OB with a very full bladder! Why am I sharing this you ask? Well I want to know why we are required to be on time to the doctor when they are always behind?

I arrived today for an ultrasound and doctor appointment. My appointment was for 3pm and I arrived at 2:50pm. The ultrasound person was just taking her 2:30! Oh, boy! They are going to have a mess to clean up soon!

My last appointment, I waited 45 minutes to be weighed and pee in a cup! Crazy! I am starting to question whether these visits are actually necessary! I am 21 weeks with my third child! This means that either my husband needs to leave work early to take my other children or I have to hire a sitter! All for me to wait for an hour to pee in a freaking cup!!??

Ok, they have 30 minutes and then I’m outta here!

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