Where did Summer go?

Our summer has been a whirlwind! We have been busy everyday with Mom’s Groups, Stroller Strides and just staying home and playing! I can’t believe that next week is the last weekend in July! We have settled in up here in NY. We live in a quiet little village, where the most exciting thing is the fireworks Saturday nights! We are lucky enough to watch them from our living room window! It is now track season in Saratoga Springs! It’s an exciting time of year when the track opens and Thoroughbred racing begins! I’ve already heard a few Lear jets fly into the County Airport late at night! From what I hear people from all over the world come here to watch the ponies race! Downtown Saratoga is a traffic nightmare, though! I go to town 3 days a week for Stroller Strides. The other day I nearly got into 3 head on collisions EXITING a gas station! I don’t believe I would have been at fault, since I was on the RIGHT side of the exit! But that of course could be attributed to NY drivers! 🙂 Despite the drivers, traffic, insane humidity and a few unfriendly peeps, this is not a bad area! I’ve met a bunch of other moms, some from here, some from away, and they are all great!

Our days home are spent in the kiddie pool. We dragged the pool all the way from SC and have not regretted it! The kids are in it daily! We also have a great yard for them to explore! We do have a creature in the woods that lurks at night, crazy squirrels that chew through the screen in the screened in porch, eaten two of my chair cushions and my tablecloth….but nothing major! Now we just await winter. And snow. And a new baby!

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