Fall is here! The crisp morning air, the leaves crunching under foot, apples and pumpkins! It really is my favorite time of year! But with Fall brings football. And yes, I am a foot ball widow! It’s the time of year where men make fools of themselves while watching another man in a tight uniform run across a football field! What IS the big deal? Then one guy might tackle another guy….which sends my husband jumping to his feet screaming, scaring me half to death! Where ever we go on Sunday, my husband has his iPhone glued to his hand watching highlights! And what is with the pre game thing? All they do is talk! And they say women are bad! Then, all these old, former football players line up and act out the game! Huh? You are joking, right? This is something my 3 year old might do! To see grown men pretending to play football is embarrassing! I guess there is a bright side, though. We get to eat junk food! Pizza and pretzels, ice cream, chips, wings….I love it all! As I write this my husband is ranting at a player on TV. Um, he cannot hear you!!

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