A New Year, and a new Blog entry….

It has been some time since my last entry. During that time life in the P household has been very exciting! We celebrated the birth of our third child, Liev; our first child, Sibylla, celebrated her third birthday with family, and of course there was Thanksgiving and Christmas to deal with as well. Today is a new year, and it looks as though January is not much quieter! With three children there are always doctor’s appointments to contend with as well as the activities the children participate in! Starting next week the two older children will be back to swim lessons! Sibby will be back to pre school and I’ll be praying the doors of my van remain unfrozen! (For those who know me, my first outing alone with the kids was a major challenge! The van doors froze closed (thankfully not open) and I had to get all three children in and out through the driver’s side! (quite a challenge with a carseat!) )

So we are still adjusting to our newest addition. Thankfully he sleeps through most of the night, usually waking once for a feeding, but falling asleep shortly after! He is awake most of the day, which can be challenging, but enjoyable for all of us! Hopefully, I can continue to keep everyone apprised of our adventures!

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