Regression, frustration and other strange happenings….

With the birth of our third child came many changes and adjustments to our household. The first being our switch to cloth diapers. With 3 in diapers we decided that using cloth would be easier on our pocketbook, not to mention Mother Nature! We found a great diaper service that picks up and drops off diapers every Monday. Vikki, from Sonrise Diaper Service, came to our house for a consultation and away we went! I love it. The second adjustment was the nearly 2 months of visitors! Liev was born the week before Thanksgiving (and his due date) and a week before Sibylla’s 3rd birthday, so we were expecting company, then came Christmas, and the visitors came and went. During all this we decided to start potty training Sibylla. The cloth really helped and we bought her some cloth training pants as well. She was doing great. Letting us know when she was wet or dirty, and we even made it to the potty a few times! But she was ALWAYS dry in the morning. After the holidays, she regressed. Now she will sit in a dirty or wet diaper/pullup, and will deny being wet or dirty. Some days she hides. So instead of getting frustrated, we are giving it a break. She still wears her pull ups, but we don’t pressure her to sit on the potty. She is very good at night before bath time. All I have to do is point to her potty and she will give it her best shot. Sibylla has also started speech therapy. She is a bit delayed in her speech, so we agreed to have someone come in and help her out. She started this week and seems to like it! Hopefully she will get something from it!

So far our chaotic 3 child household seems to be adjusting well. All the kids sleep through the night. (Yes, even Liev, he just wakes at 4am). And everyone seems to be getting back into a routine. Friday we are back to pre school for Sibylla, Stroller Strides for the boys and me and swim lessons at the YMCA Saturday for Sibylla and Vasili!

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