There was an old woman who lived in a shoe…..

Well, you know the rest! I was that old woman today! It seemed like I had more than just three children!

Our day started out as usual. We got all packed up and headed to Stroller Strides. We workout at the local mall, and had a really great workout today. I can’t remember how many times I was “high fived” or told I was “super mom”. See I walk the mall with Sibylla and Vasili in the stroller and I wear Liev. Some people give me looks like I’m crazy while some marvel at how I do it. Easy peasy, right? Most of the time!

Our day was thrown “off” when the speech therapist called and we had to rush home to meet her. We arrived just as she was puling in the driveway. So Sibby did speech while I changed Vasili and fed Liev. Then the diaper lady arrived. We use cloth diapers and have a great service run by a mom. (Sonrise Diaper Service) We always talk, so we talked for a good 20 minutes, at which time Sibby’s speech therapist was calling to me, and Vasili appeared without any pants on, and Liev was still hungry!

After everyone left I attempted lunch….only to dump a bag of ships on the floor! I managed to save one, and that is what the kids ate for lunch! I know….mom of the year right there! haha In all the craziness I forgot about Vasili’s nap! Poor little guy!

Seems like it worked out for everyone, though. It’s 7:45 and all three are sleeping soundly! Maybe busy days are better! 😛

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