Lessons Learned in Buying Baby Gear….

Having a baby is expensive! Having three is well….breaking the bank! As all you moms know, it is easy to get caught up in “baby fever” and buy everything….or at least put everything on your registry!

Three years ago I had my first child and we had a registry. She was the first grandchild on both sides, so we got everything on our registry plus some! There is some stuff we could do without, but looking around my living room, there are some things I just could not live without!

Number one on my list is my BOB double stroller! Well worth the money to me with three children three and under! And it’s compact and lite, so it goes anywhere!

Number two on my list is the swing! What a life and sanity saver it has been! Worth all those batteries! LOL

Another thing I just discovered is my PUJ tub! It fits in the sink and then folds up to be stored! Made Liev and mommy very happy last night at bath time!

I also discovered the swaddle pods and blankets. All my kids loved to be swaddled, but could also somehow manage to get out of their blankets! Even when my husband swaddled them! This blanket velcros them into the blanket…instant sleep! Where were these when Sibylla was an infant??

The Fisher Price Newborn Rock & Play Sleeper is worth it’s weight in gold! My family thought I was CRAZY to want it! Then when I brought it home and they saw how much LIev loved it…well, now I’m one smart cookie! LOL

And finally there is Stroller Strides! This is the workout program that has helped me lose all my baby weight and keep me in shape during my pregnancy!! It also helps keep me sane because it’s a bunch of moms with kids the same age, going through the same things I am!

So this is my “favorites” list. I am interested to hear from other moms what their “favorites” are as well! Is there an item (or five) that you just could not live without and recommend to all your pregnant friends?

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