It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere……

5:00pm. I always know this time of day. The time I should be getting dinner ready, yet I find myself wanting to hide. The kids are CRAZY! Running around the house, the kitchen (where I’m trying to cook), launching themselves off every and any piece of furniture they can climb onto (and yes crashing to the floor crying). It is the time of day when I start dinner only to be interrupted by Vasili throwing himself onto the floor in front of the refrigerator because he cannot get to his beloved strawberries….or better yet, shows up in the kitchen minus a diaper or pants! It is the time of day when Liev is the fussiest…sometimes screaming above the other children for attention, and it is the time of day when Sibylla, who is still potty training, has the most accidents! So tell me, what is it about this time of day?? I play with my children all day…I feed them, we watch movies, build trains, color, paint, chase balls….they don’t act like this at breakfast or lunch, but man when 5pm rolls around they get this look on their faces and all hell at the Pawlowski Zoo breaks loose! And I, the Zoo keeper, pray for daddy to walk through the door! (preferably with a beer for mommy!)


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