Spring has FINALLY come to Upstate NY!

Ah, Spring….the buds on the trees, birds chirping, mud…the things we love to see, hear and smell after a very long, cold snowy winter! We certainly had one of those up here in NY! Don’t get me wrong, I grew up in the Northeast, and know snow, and the cold, but the past few years I’ve been spoiled. First there was Annapolis and then there was Charleston. Ah, Charleston….I really miss the place….but that is for another day! As you remember, my family and I “landed” in NY in February of last year after an eventful and hellish drive from SC. We arrived to no snow. In fact, I think there was one storm and then it was gone, and Spring/Summer arrived, and as quickly as it arrived, it was gone again! This winter was one of the crazy old fashioned winters I remember as a kid! LOTS of snow! Storms dumping 6″ or more! We had a “goat” path leading from our house to the driveway! Our mailman stopped delivering for a week because our driveway was so bad! Then the groundhog promised an early Spring! Well was he WRONG! We still have snow…snow banks still linger in parking lots and on the edge of the driveways…although after today they may be gone!

So today…it was WARM! When I went to Stroller Strides this morning it was 55…which is much warmer than it has been! 🙂 By midday I think I saw temps around 70! Whoo-hoo! It seems like it has been forever since we’ve seen temps that high!

Needless to say, it was a god day! Complete with a thunder storm this evening!

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