Just over two months ago…

My son had open heart surgery.
As you recall, my two year old son, Vasili, had open heart surgery to correct an Atrial Septal Defect. His surgery went great and he has now been in recovery for just over two months! His scar is minimal and he came home with no meds except a baby aspirin everyday! He seems to be back to his old self, climbing, jumping splashing and getting dirty….to the point his new nickname is “pigpen”. He will be having another followup in August to see how he is progressing. But so far so good and no worries on this end! You would never know he had anything done except he comes up to me and lifts his shirt and says “my boo-boo”. Cute.

Last week we returned from a trip to Maine to visit my parents. Vasili and Sibylla and Liev spent most of the time in the 90+ degree heated pool! Nothing seems to slow that kid down!

We will never forget the staff at the Children’s Hospital Boston and all they did for Vasili. But we were a very fortunate family. There are hundreds of sick kids who have been there since the day they were born, and many need to return for more surgeries to get through life! My family has vowed to give back to the hospital!



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