I’m back…..and adding a family member!

I’ve not posted anything for a while. I’ve been busy here in NY enjoying my family, working on my business and just having fun! Now, here I am, expecting baby #4, getting ready to house hunt in San Diego and pack our little family up for another adventure, courtesy of the Navy! But first things first. I will be going, sans children, to SanDiego to try to find a place to live. I’ve visited San Diego about 4 years ago, but never lived there or on the West Coast, so this will really be an adventure! Hubby is on shore duty once again, and will be working on Point Loma! After we return from house hunting we will be returning to Boston so Vasili can have his one year heart surgery check up, and lastly, momma (that’s me) gets a mini vacation with some friends on a cruise to Cozmel! Whoo-hoo! I am hoping to return to a house all packed up and we will drive (yes with the 3 kids) to San Diego! That is truly where the adventure will begin! 🙂

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