Somewhere in the middle of America….

Here we are, about halfway through our journey to Sand Diego! Last night we stopped in Topeka, Kansas for the night! We have been averaging about 300-400 miles a day. Today and tomorrow will be the longest days only because we are trying to stop in major cities for the night if possible! So today we will journey from Topeka to Denver, Colorado! I’m so excited to see Colorado and the Rockies!

So far our journey has taken us across NY, PA, OH, IN, KY, MO and today Kansas! That is 7 states in 5 days! Phew! Our plan of staying in Residence Inns along the way seems to be working out! The kids have a pull out bed and we usually end up with a king so Liev can sleep with us and not hog the bed! πŸ™‚

We ended up leaving Friday afternoon after the movers finished loading the last of our house hold and the cleaners finished cleaning up the mess! Our landlord did a walk through and everything was good. Lastly we had to say good-bye to our friends….Susan, Kyle and Rachel.

We cheered up along the way (a bit) after a little junk food! πŸ™‚ We pushed on to Buffalo, NY for the night. The next morning we got up and went to Niagara Falls!







Sunday we paused for some time just outside of Louisville to visit with Alexei’s grandma, who has just moved into assisted living. As much as this saddens us, we unfortunately have to come with terms that it may be necessary! 😦 It poured all day, but we took her to Chinese for lunch and visited with her for a while be fore hitting the road and heading to St. Louis.

In St. Louis we stayed at a really nice Residence Inn. Yesterday we decided to take a break (and wear the kids out) by visiting the St. Louis Arch! I’m glad we did! We took a tram to the top and got some wonderful pictures of the city of St. Louis! There was even a little museum inside the Arch where the kids got to see a stuffed Grizzly bear, beaver, buffalo, horse and a real tee-pee! That made their days! πŸ™‚







The Arch is in a really nice park overlooking the mighty (muddy) Mississippi River. Vasili ran the entire length of the park, turned around and ran back to us and then ran it again! Pretty good for a kid who had heart surgery a year ago! He ran circles around Sibylla and Liev! And when we finally got on the road, they all slept!!


Today we push on to Denver Colorado from Topeka, where we decided to stop last night! It’s going to be a long day in the car and about 500 miles….but well worth it, I think!!

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