Rocky Mountain High…

Tuesday we spend driving across Kansas and the never-ending fields, cows and windmills. Colorado was much of the same until we entered Denver…..

Today we spent driving across Colorado…but off the beaten path a little! We decided to take Rt 160, which winds through little towns, and through the moutons and the Continental Divide…

The kids through it was great we got to drive through a tunnel….and screamed until we came out! Lucky for us it wasn’t very long! 🙂

Somewhere along here we met a very nice State Trooper…he was very polite! Even gave Alexei a nice fine of $135 for speeding…and we did not have a current insurance car with us! UGH!

Ah, yes…..snow…at the summit was a ski area, Wolf Creek Ski area, elevation 10,500.

I have more pictures but WordPress and I are fighting at the moment….so I just posted them to Facebook! haha… Tomorrow we will drive the 1.5 hours to Four Corners Monument, then on to Flagstaff to explore for a while. We should be in San Diego by Friday….our house hold will be arriving Monday!

Mrs. P ~ Out

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