Rough start….

The morning started rough. It is hubby’s first day back to work after his 10 day paternity leave. While I like having him home, I like having him at work even more! He kind of interrupts our “groove” sometimes. More on that later.

So we woke up a bit later than the usual 530. Hubby was riding his bike in so he had to leave right away! Sibylla announced from the family room that she saw ants…yep ants all over the table, trash can and kitchen floor! Oh, goody! Meanwhile, hubby is scrambling to find his biking gear and headlight, since it’s dark here at 6am! I’m trying to nurse a two week old and feed the other three breakfast and find them clothes to dive into! Was this how our mornings would be like?

While the kids ate I managed to brew and suck down half a cup of coffee and get dressed….and then got the older three into their clothes and teeth brushed. And it was off we went! We were doing really well on time when in the driveway stood our landlord. She’s really nice but a bit chatty, so we had to stop and chat. 

Finally I got all four kids securely fastened into their carseats and drove the 11/2 miles to Sibby’s school only to dig out my monster double BOB stroller, unfasten everyone, get the older two boys into the stroller and the baby into a carrier and we were off to the school.  We had to walk around the school and enter through the front gate, since we had the stroller, but we managed to get Sibby there (a few minutes late) and into her class. Phew. THen it was back to the car to unload the boys and stroller and roll back home.

We get to do this all over again in about an hour because today is her half day. Needless to say, I get my workout in for the day! 🙂

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