P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-L-E…..spit up, that is!

My 7 week old spits up…and that is putting it lightly. He spits up almost daily and almost daily he, myself or both of us change our clothing several times. He is exclusively breast fed, and this usually happens at night, after we snuggle in to watch a little TV and relax in our PJ’s. He has soaked my glider, and the coach is always wet! Good think I make and have plenty of burp cloths! The breaking point was the other night, while eating dinner he let loose and hit my dinner plate. Gross, I know! So, I took everyone’s advice and took the little guy to the doctor to find out what was going on. We started out with a temperature check and weight check. Come to find out, the little barfer has gained 10 ounces in 5 days! So he not only gaining weight, he’s moving up the chart! Fast! Then we talk to the doc. (This sounds all nice and easy, but remember, not only do I have my 7 week old, but a 23 month old, and a 3 year old in tow as well) After the nurse rearranged the room so my big-ass stroller could fit, and I strapped the 23 month old into the stroller so he would stop launching himself off things, the doc came in and over the noise of a squealing 23 month old told me the low-down on what seems to be reflux. He is holding off treating him with meds at this time, because, well, it tastes bad and may make him puke more! Lovely! So next week, during his well-baby exam, if he is still projectile vomiting we will seek more assistance! Now it is a waiting game….Tick Tock!

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