Lessons in Speech….

AS many of you know, my daughter has been getting speech therapy since NY. She still receives it here in CA and it has helped tremendously! Sibylla fought back to back to back ear infections when we lived in South Carolina and eventually had ear tubes put in. When we got to NY in 2009 she had her Adenoids removed and still was not talking much. So we had her evaluated and today she talks non-stop!

Vasili on the other hand, has never had an ear infection, but still has a slight speech irregularity. His is not as severe as Sibylla’s because he is identifying hundreds of things, where she did not vocally, his is more with articulation. And an odd “throat” noise he makes!

Hopefully his speech will help as much as hers did and he’ll be less frustrated because we can understand him! This also means he qualifies for State funded preschool and Headstart…which will help with potty training!

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