Sibylla’s Award

Sibylla has been enrolled in a program here in San Diego, called Transitional Kindergarten, for children whose 5th birthdays fall between October and December. Since the school district recently changed the age requirements for Kindergarteners, and Sibylla originally was eligible for Kindergarten, she now attends a Pre-K type of program, which is at the elementary school and is an all day program!

In the beginning it was a little rough. Being shy, and  her speech making it hard to understand and communicate, Sibylla has overcome all of this! She is talking (non-stop) not just to me but to her teachers and classmates. She has easily made friends these past few weeks, and is working really hard at her school work. In fact in the evening we have to tell her to take a break!

SO the award she received was a Student Recognition Award for excellent academic achievement and citizenship. Her teacher says, ” Sibylla is a great student! She has been working very hard on the alphabet sounds, math shapes and counting. SHe has made a lot of good friends in our classroom. Keep up the good work, Sibylla!”

Today she was presented with this award. This meant she had to go up on stage (with mom) and accept it and then have her picture taken. She is still shy so accepting this in front of her entire school was ver intimidating, but she did a great job, while her brothers looked on! She is a great role model to her younger siblings!

Way to go Sibby!!


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