Life as a mom of 4…

About 2 months ago my family and I were blessed with a fourth child. The ages of our children when Kiran arrived was 4, 3 and 21 months. Two weeks after he was born my hubby went back to work, and my parents went home to Maine. The biggest question on everyone’s mind was HOW will she do it? I’ll tell you how…I have no choice. If I want it done, then I must do it.

My daughter attends an all day Pre-K across town (3 miles). Every morning around 730 I pack up all 4 kids and take her to school. We unload the double stroller for the two youngest and the two oldest walk. We walk about a block or so to enter the school, then I walk the boys back and pack them up and drive back home (about 3 miles). At 2pm we do the same thing. On Monday and Wednesday the older kids have karate, so I pack them all up and away we go!

My husband and I take all 4 grocery shopping, to the beach and to various theme parks. I take them to school and activities. Three are still in diapers, so my day consists of changing diapers and feeding them! Most days Vasili and Liev play together outside all day. The baby, Kiran, has started taking naps (he was screaming all day) and I get caught up on laundry (which is never ending especially with cloth diapers). We also do not have a dishwasher in our house, so we wash dishes by hand…and there are a lot of dishes when feeding 6 people!

We’ve adjusted well. Vasili is going to start speech therapy on Wednesdays and I’m going to start Stroller Strides and Karate to get back into shape. We’ve adjusted well. The house is a mess…the laundry and dishes pile up, and we have 3 kids in one bedroom, but we are all happy and healthy and enjoying being a large family!


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