Welcome to Mommyhood

Five years ago, a sweet, beautiful little girl welcomed me to mommy hood. I can’t believe it’s been five years already!! Time flies and my life has changed so much!

Five years ago I had just gotten married, and just graduated from Grad school. Sibylla was such surprise, as I did not really want any children! But we welcomed it with open hearts and minds.

The day of her birth was spent in the hospital. I was induced because my water broke the day before and I was having no contractions despite all the walking I did (it WAS the start of Holiday shopping after all) The funny part was that over Thanksgiving dinner my husband “demanded” that she make and appearance so he could go on paternity leave from Thanksgiving leave and not have to drive back to Groton, CT anytime soon! đŸ™‚

My husband had my hospital “suite” all set up with music, a laptop for watching movies, magazines and books, he forgot nothing! I went to the hospital at 9am and she was born at 9:01pm. The day was boring and we got through it all with all the entertainment he brought, and then when my contractions started and things started progressing it got interesting FAST! Not with me, personally, but with my friends and family waiting outside the locked maternity wing.

Everyone was notified, and my mother-in-law hopped on a plane in DC and flew up to Maine where we were living. My friend came over from Portsmouth, NH and my parents down from Skowhegan, Maine. Sibylla was born at Wentoworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH. My friend and parents waited patiently in the waiting area, until I requested to have my mom brought in so I could tell her how I was and get some encouragement. AS the nurses were bringing in my mom, my mother-in-law showed up and attempted to get through the all glass, locked door from the waiting room to the patient rooms, when she found it was locked she started pounding on the door and screaming for the nurses to let her in to see her son…now I know WHY they lock the doors….needless to say, she did not get in and after Sibylla was born, everyone was invited in to see her! I requested Chinese food….and got McDonald’s. Oh, well…I tried.

At just 6 weeks old, we drove Sibylla to her new home in Maryland. We lived with my mother-in-law for a few months before moving to Annapolis. A few months later we found out we were expecting another child, and the Navy moved us to  Charleston, SC, where we added Vasili to the family. After 15 short months in SC we got orders to Ballston Spa, NY, where we added Liev to the family! From there we left for San Diego, CA and added Kiran to our growing family…the rest is history! 

In five short years I have gained a husband, graduate degree, 4 children, moved 5 times and met countless friends…all whom I still keep in touch with! Like I said….time flies when you are having fun!Image


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