Lessons learned with batteries, time and other ramblings….

Oh, children…such wonderful, fun loving, mischevious creatures! They bring such joy into our lives, and make us frustrated and frightened all in the same day! Yesterday was one of those days for me!

It is the one day a week where I put aside two hours for myself and drop the boys at daycare. My plan is to attend a Karate class. Yesterday started like any other day. Wake at 5am, feed kids, drink coffee, dress kids and take Sibylla to school, except, Liev decided to throw a monkey wrench into the entire process by finding button batteries and putting them in his mouth! When I got to him to change and dress he spit two tiny batteries out into my hand! Alexei was on his way out and I ran after him with Liev tucked under my arm. After some discussion about what to do we decided to take him to the ER. First we dropped Sibylla off at school and then we headed of to the Naval Medical Center. Luckily we were seen right away! They ordered x-rays to see if he swallowed a battery and where it was in his body….only there was NO battery!! Phew! The day could resume.

The next thing on the agenda for the day was my karate class. I got the boys ready to head out the door, when Vasili (who we are attempting to potty train) tells me he needs his diaper changed. Yeah, always when we are ready to go! So I get him fixed up, get the younger boys to the car and head out to the Navy Base on Point Loma, where the daycare is. It’s farther out there than I remember! We arrives, and since it’s their first time there we have paperwork, classroom assignments and whatnot. Plus the place is HUGE and the boys are separated and placed in rooms on opposite ends of the building. I decided to start with the youngest two and drop Vasili last, since he is a big helper and follows directions really well. I decided also to drop the entire diaper bag in his classroom. I finally left and headed for my karate class. I got halfway there and realized I had no purse….which meant no cell phone, no id, no drivers license….nothing! And my kids were on the Navy base….and my husband at work…and his number in my cell phone! Ugh. At this point I decided to turn around. At the guard shack I explained my situation and that I had 3 kids at the daycare….the guard remembered me! And let me through!! Phew!

So I picked up my purse, headed to Target for a quick pick up of diapers and wipes for daycare and headed back to get the boys….not exactly a relaxing two hours, but hey, the boys were fed lunch and got to play for two hours! 🙂

We try this again next week! 

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