Christmas Surprises (NOT)

The other day I decided to take Sibylla shopping alone for her little brothers. SHE decided where we would go (Toys R Us) and SHE decided what each one should have (Plus a little something for herself).

We walked all through Toys R Us, looking at toys (she liked) and pointing and talking about princesses. She thought Vasili and Liev would really like a new princess….I talked her our of it. 

We finally decided to get a birthday gift for a friend, a Transformer for Vasili, a playmat for Kiran and a Shake and Go Mater for Liev….oh, and a Rapunzel for herself! $100 later we left Toys R Us happy and excited to get home and play with her new toy!

I decided to leave the boys’ toys in the garage so they would not be discovered. I wrapped the birthday present, and we continued our day. The next morning over pancakes Sibylla tells Vasili “I got you a Bumblebee [Transformer] for Christmas”! Oh, boy! We quickly shut her up….and Alexei explained that Christmas presents were  surprises, and we should not tell what they are! 🙂

Luckily Vasili was too involved in pancakes to even notice….


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