When Momma Gets Sick….

I don’t get sick very often…but when I do, it’s bad! Yesterday it was bad! I woke up feeling bad and it continued to get worse! That is when I call in my reinforcement for help….the hubby!

I am lucky enough to be a Navy wife to a Sailor who is NOT deployed at the moment! He has helped me out numerous times at a moment’s notice! Yesterday was one of those days! But still, stuff did not get done. A sink full of dishes and 3 baskets of laundry, which were staring me in the eye when I woke up this morning! To his defense, we were dealing with a sick kiddo! So mommy’s down and a kid is down! 

It’s tough enough being home all day with 3 boys…imagine being sick, so sick you cannot get up, and dealing with 3 boys! 3 energetic boys! 3 boys in diapers! Ugh. When hubby arrived the first thing I did was put him on diaper duty! 🙂

Today we are recovering. Hubby woke up not feeling so great, but the kids are feeling good…momma is slowly bouncing back….we will be as good as new before long!

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