5 things I’ve learned since moving to California….

I’ve learned a few things…and would like to share. Some are snarky, funny and true, so put on your sense of humor and read on!

1. The earth shakes ALL the time here. No, it’s not just earthquakes…in fact every earthquake posted on FB “near” or within “San Diego County” does not mean it was felt here. I live in the direct flight path of San Diego International Airport…it’s loud and our house shakes daily!

2. California is a BIG state! Look at a map. It’s HUGE. I live in SAN DIEGO…close to MEXICO, which is south. So when you say you know someone or of something in San Francisco, that is about 9 hours NORTH of me!

3. According to Google, the population of California is 37,691,912. 1,326,179 of them are in San Diego alone! So, no, I don’t know your friend from California…even if they do live in San Diego!

4. This may be repetitive, but San Diego has at least a dozen different sections of town. For example, I LIVE in San Diego, but in Loma Portal (which is a section of Point Loma, which is a section of San Diego) Yeah, I know…

5. California is on the WEST Coast. That means we are 3 hours BEHIND the EAST Coast, so if you are attempting to call me at 7 am EST….it’s only 4am PST here…and I’m probably sleeping! (Telemarketers take note). That also means TV is 3 hours behind…so please, no spoilers! 🙂


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